What to Consider While Choosing A Contemporary Chandelier?

A chandelier is a statement décor that complements any type of room. It is a hanging light fixture, which decorates every room indoor and even the patio. Chandeliers feature multiple tiers and multiple lamps. Its glitter offers the room warmth and sets the mood. Sometimes, it is a conversation activator among guests. If you are planning to buy a chandelier, then it is essential to know the designs, types, and styles. In this way, you get familiar with all the options available.

For example, a pendant includes a single light source suspended from a single suspension system. On the other hand, a 3 tier crystal chandelier has multiple tiers connected. It includes arms and fixtures with hanging crystals.

Chandelier types

To get the idea of chandelier types, you will need to consider the design, shapes, material, finish, and lighting style.

Chandelier by style

  • Modern chandeliers are unique. The design focus is on offering a functional and aesthetically pleasing design style.
  • Contemporary chandeliers use minimalistic theme practical for daily use.
  • Rustic chandelier highlights naturalism and simplicity. Wrought iron and wood get used for creating a rustic feel.
  • Farmhouse chandelier uses clear or no glass to reveal the Edison-style bulbs along with metal accents and aged looking wood.
  • Industrial chandelier design exhibits exposed metal and wood to better the lighting image in an industry setting.

Chandeliers by shapes

Besides the number of arms, a chandelier includes there is a lot more to consider.

  • Rectangular
  • Pendant
  • Cluster
  • Sputnik
  • Caged
  • Globed
  • Beaded

Chandeliers by finish 

You will need to determine whether you desire a chandelier with glass or metal finish to contrast or complement the theme of the room’s light fixtures and furnishings.

  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Chrome

Chandeliers by the role of the lighting

  • Down-light chandeliers are similar to the traditional style. Unobstructed light gets provided below. It is a great option for rooms that need a lot of focused, ambient, and direct light.
  • Up-light chandeliers focus lighting upwards offering reflected environment around the room instead of direct downlighting.
  • Ambient lighting creates better diffused, non-direct lighting.

The chandelier type you choose needs to improve the surrounding space. It must not conflict with the theme of the space.

Other things to consider while choosing the right chandelier

Chandelier positioning

The center of the room is a great chandelier positioning because of several reasons.

  • You can admire every element of the beautiful chandelier with a 360-degree view.
  • You can enjoy evenly distributed light from a central location.
  • It is the only suspended element, so from the center positioning, it offers an ideal visual balance.

Chandelier’s installation height 

  • Consider safe clearance because it is frustrating if it keeps banging your head.
  • Consider the line of sight because it can be less appealing if views get blocked.
  • In the dining room, hang the chandelier 30” above the dining table surface. It allows everyone seated around to see one another without getting irritated with the glare.
  • For the high ceiling, rooms add 3” for every extra foot.

Chandelier’s brightness

The perfect lumen count gets determined by the square footage of the space. Per 100 sq. ft., around 300 to 400 total lumens are required.

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