Right Questions to Ask the Potential Facebook Ad Agency

Social media is dominating the modern-day society. 80% of online users are on Facebook. They check their Facebook profile several times a day. It does not matter who your target consumer is, they are on Facebook and use it daily. Facebook ads allow targeting people by age, location, interests, and behavior. If you are planning to outsource your Facebook ads campaign it is necessary to choose experts.

Australian Internet Advertising has a specialized team that helps in managing the Facebook advertising campaign. AIA FaceBook ad agency can help your business grow.

Right questions to ask the potential Facebook Ad agency

How will I know that Facebook ads are bringing in profits?

Facebook ads cost money, so you need to know if they are bringing in ROI. You get details about the number of sales and views on your Facebook ads. Nevertheless, if a consumer visits your offline store in person, how will it be proven that the ROI is from Facebook?

There is an offline conversion tool, which helps advertisers view the number of leads or buyers after they saw your Facebook ad. A great digital marketing agency provides performance reports like CPC [cost per click] or other metrics.

How much must I spend on Facebook ads?

To determine your budget, consider your goals – Is it brand awareness? Is it for increasing form submissions? Get familiar with your Facebook ad goals before you allocate a budget.

An established budget will help to deliver results without under-spending or overspending your marketing funds.

What is included in the Facebook ads package?

The package cost can be a flat fee or a percentage of total spending. Ask if they will charge a set up free or extras not included.

  • Set up of Facebook pixel
  • How many images will be included?
  • How many design changes are allowed?
  • Are Facebook ads priced individually? Does it include different placements?
  • Is research included in the setup fee?
  • How often will I get the reports?
  • What about communication options? How many calls or messages are included?
  • What is the early-contract termination policy?

How do you stay ahead of Facebook ad’s latest trend?

Facebook ads trend always fluctuate. To keep up, the online marketing agency has to invest time, energy, and money in researching the latest developments and trends on Facebook. Their Facebook team participates in associated webinars, subscriptions, newsletter, as well as communicate with the team to stay updated.

Red flags to look out for

  • Beware about the high-pressure sales pitch targeted to signup instantly. The agency may have limited slots, but if they push you to signup it is a red flag.
  • Never sign a contract that is more than three months. The three months allow you to identify and gauge how your Facebook ad performs.
  • Stay away from professionals who bombard tons of jargon to create confusion. You are not hiring them to get trained about Facebook ads. They have to be nice and not talk you down.

Make sure you hire the right Facebook ads services with these tips.

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