Ways To Upload Music To iTunes And Major Digital Places In 2020

To get more followers for your music and earn money from it, you need to take it to the right set of people. There are several online music stores, where you can upload your music. These include Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Deezer, and more.

These online music channels provide an excellent opportunity for music artists to showcase their talent online. In this article, we will tell you how you can capitalize on the facilities provided by these digital music stores and streaming platforms to advertise your music and make more money.

Method To Upload Your Musical Composition On iTunes

Landing your musical composition on a major digital streaming service like iTunes playlist can be a massive boost in listeners. Now the question comes that how can you do it?

Many music artists may find the process of submission of musical creations on digital streaming services to be quite a challenging process. Music Digi is the best online space to put your music on Tidal and other online streaming services.

That is the reason, there are several music artists worldwide that are looking for ways to take advantage of getting their composition heard by a larger audience. To make the process of playlist submission easier for you, we have broken down the entire process in a few easy steps.

So, once you have your musical composition ready to be uploaded, follow these steps to upload it on iTunes.

  • Choose the kind of music release (i.e., single or album) to upload on iTunes:
  • Upload music as well as cover art to upload the songs on iTunes.
  • Next, add contributors to your music so they get paid whenever your song/songs are sold.
  • Now you have done the uploading part. You now need to wait for the service provider to approve it. You will get an email if your uploading music is selected. You can also manually check the playlists section of the iTunes for Artists account. Once it happens, you can sell your valuable musical composition on iTunes.
  • Good service providers do not charge a single penny for providing you this service. You are allowed to keep total revenue that is generated as a result of the sale of your music.

MusicDigi is a highly popular service used by musicians to put their musical composition into online streaming services and music stores. This company collects royalties and payments and sends them to music artists.

Reasons to Choose ITUNES To Sell Your Music

There are countless reasons for choosing iTunes to upload and sell your music.

100% revenue

When you upload your music on this digital streaming service, you get 100% of the money received from the sale of your music without any deductions.

These service providers also provide you a feature wherein you can track your sales as well as streaming reports. If you want to put music on Apple Music, then choose Music Digi. It is the most reliable and genuine platform to help music artists to put across their talent to the world.

Huge visibility

Every music artist would want their music reaches to a huge set of people. iTunes has a base of more than 241 million active users. This is an impressive figure that makes it very popular in digital music stores throughout the world.

iTunes is offering music service to this massive group of its admirers in more than a hundred nations and territories.

When you uploading your musical creation on this channel, you are considering growing your reach as well as the potential to get discovered throughout the world. Music Digi makes it a lot easier to sell your music on iTunes and begin making money from your musical creations.

Exclusive Artist Services

iTunes also offers exclusive music artist services that promote independent artists globally for more than a decade. It serves as a playing field for worldwide musicians to take their musical talent to nooks and corners of the world.

Once you upload your music, you can get it running live in just a day. Music Digi makes it easy and effortless to get your music on Spotify and iTunes and various other online music platforms.

iTunes is for everyone

The best part of iTunes that makes it popular among its fans throughout the world is that anyone is eligible to distribute their music releases and make money from them on this digital music platform.

If you are looking to find an online service to get your music on Spotify, then consider Music Digi. This platform allows you to distribute as well as sell your musical composition on a broad network of digital music stores and streaming channels.  


These are the simple ways that can help you upload your music on all the popular music streaming services and channels. Find the trusted service provider that can help publicize your music to generate maximum revenue from it.

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