Advanced SEO Strategies to Improve Organic Traffic and Visibility

Search engine bots are growing smarter and powerful. They are not just scrutinizing, but also understanding web pages as well as how website owners are adhering to the white hat framework. You can see that in Google’s SERPs. Users are getting directed to ads rather than organic listings to make more money.

Such activities are hard for people who depend on organic search traffic. In Google’s SERPs you will find disguising ads, display of video and image packs, using prominent knowledge panels frequently, etc. such activities push the organic listing down, so online retailers are required to choose paid listings.

Marketers can put the effort into creating faster websites and better pages. Auckland SEO Company has helped multiple local businesses to retain and enhance their organic traffic using the following advanced techniques.

Enhance user experience 

Google is getting smart in determining the quality of your website. If your site looks amateurish, outdated, and unreliable or loads slowly then potential users leave your site and move to another. You lose a potential customer and the bounce rate puts a dent.

Bounce rate is not suggested to be an algorithm, but according to Google if users spend less time on your site then they did not find anything useful. On the other hand, if your website is found helpful to users they will stay for long and Google aims to offer the best user experience, so it will strongly push such sites on top.

Voice search optimization

Text search and voice search differs. For example, in-text search users can type cat diet, while a voice search will be longer like ‘what does a cat eat?’ Voice searches are locally based, so the answer is got mostly from some featured snippet. For voice search optimization –

  • Use long-tail keywords
  • Use structured data

Mobile-friendly design

More than 79% of online purchases are made from mobile devices. 80% of shoppers use mobile phones to read product reviews and compare prices inside the physical store. Even Google rewards mobile-friendly websites.

Write long content

Long content hoard more backlinks. This can transform into more traffic and better ranking. You can target several search queries types in a single post.

Play on YouTube

Videos from YouTube are prominently seen in SERPs. It is because YouTube has 2 billion active users and the second largest search engine. Video marketing is not a necessity for every business but with mobile phones, you can try video marketing. However, ensure to create an SEO-friendly video with appropriate title and description including target keywords, create custom thumbnails and video playlist.

Backlink portfolio diversification

For Google quality matters, so links from spammy or low DA sites can damage your domain. Websites having backlink profiles from very high-quality links can also get flagged for manual review. You can get in troubled water if your site looks too clean. It is rare but you need to remember that your backlink portfolio needs diversification.

Therefore, while promoting content target small niche sites along with the big hitters. Google understands that many sites will pick bad apples naturally, so when you disavow links be careful. Be liberal and disavow a few rather than too many links. Google can discount links, which were really helping you.

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