Everything You Want to Know About File Backup, Imaging And Cloning

Backup, Imaging, and Cloning are the strategies that can help prevent data loss in the business. The right selection of the strategy can save the business from ending up in disaster and losing the productivity and credibility of their customers. In this article, we will tell you to discuss both these procedures to keep the data safe and protected in the business.

Disk image backups are a great tool that helps protect all the client’s data present on their systems. This software is tried, tested, and trusted by over a million devices all over the world.

A full backup of a PC/Mirroring a PC

A full backup helps to restore the PC to the earlier version without losing any data. It not just the backups of the photos, music, financial data, that a backup does, but also Windows OS configurations, boot information, and application settings.

This type of full image backup is called a mirror copy of whatever is present on the hard drive of the computer. A full image backup is a good thing to do when your computer has got infected by a file error or a malware infection. This method will restore your system to any earlier best working state.

A disk-image

Another way to back up a computer is by taking a “disk image”. In this method, the entire drive sector by sector is copied in place of copying all the files to one place. The benefit of this approach is that you can copy the entire thing back to the PC or “re-image your hard drive” and get it back to normal working with less effort.

However, a disk image takes a lot of storage space every time you create it. Due to this reason, it may not efficient for frequent backups.

Backing up files

In this method, all the files present in different directories of the computer are backed up efficiently. This is an ideal approach to back up data that undergoes frequent modifications and are critical for daily business operations. There is several backup software applications available that can help accomplish this job.

Disk cloning

Disk cloning is another backup strategy that creates a replica of the hard drive, but, it is not similar to a mirror backup. Cloning copies the hard drive contents (smaller one) to another hard drive (larger one) without requiring reconfiguring and reinstalling your software.

It is possible to create only one clone on a specific disk. It would not capture modifications in the data till you create a new clone. The method is viewed to be time-consuming and provides little flexibility to the user.


The key to good backup is to have an accurate copy of the original data stored at a safe location. In case when the original copy gets destroyed, you can refer to the copy of the data that you have created as a backup. Now with the above understanding of the different strategies of backup, you can easily choose the best one for your job.

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